SensiTap, LLC

Saving Water One Drop At A Time


        No change required in user behavior

       The design of the indexing mechanism can accommodate any (reasonable) number of indexes, allowing control over the 'resolution' of the indexed flow. Testing has shown that two indexes is optimal

        SensiValve is a drop-in replacement for the OEM valve in a single-lever faucet

        The SensiValve concept can also be applied to other devices, such as shower controls

o   The user would have the ability to turn the flow down while lathering, for instance and back up for rinsing

       SensiValve adds very little cost to the bill of materials of an existing valve design but the perceived value of the device will increase dramatically

        Most of the parts can be molded to aid in low-cost manufacturing

        When placed in public institutions such as hotels, motels, dormitories, office buildings and such, the water savings can be quite substantial

o  Please see the Data page for more information

        ROI is very quick for both the manufacturer as well as the buyer of the faucet

        Obtaining the valuable WaterSense mark should be very easy

       SensiTap, LLC can provide engineering services to integrate our design into your existing valve designs, starting with your CAD models


SensiValve technology is available for licensing to interested, reputable manufacturers of faucets, valves and other water handling hardware.

Please register at here or contact us with your company information at for more information. You can view our Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) here. After signing the NDA, you will be able to see pictures, drawings and video of our product.

In a world where the human population may soon exceed 10 billion people, the coming battle for resources is going to be over WATER. Global warming is accelerating the shortage. 

Every action that saves this precious resource must be taken, since there is no single solution to this problem.