SensiTap, LLC consists of four founding members: Jay Prabhakar, Steve Gordon, George Ciolfi and Ron Magers. Together, we represent more than a century of experience in engineering solutions! 

SensiTap, LLC

Saving Water One Drop At A Time
Jay has over 30 years in product development, in industries ranging from semiconductors through consumer goods. He has been consulting in automation systems for the past 18 years. He has successfully brought a number of complex products to market including KoolWatch and two very successful toys, Whac-a-mole Tower and Sing-a-ma-jigs. Jay holds several patents.
George is a versatile mechanical engineer who has 23 years of machine & product design experience in industries ranging from photonics, semiconductor, factory automation, consumer and medical products. George is an inventor on two patents as well.
Ron is an accomplished and highly regarded toy designer, having been in that industry for over 35 years. In addition, he is a brilliant mechanism designer. Several of his designs are on display around the world.  Ron has received a number of patents.
Steve is a successful serial entrepreneur, having started and sold two companies (Intelligent Automation Systems and Intelligent Bio Systems). In addition to his involvement in SensiTap, he is also working on his third company, a basketball training product called SwishHoop